January Project Challenge

Sharing a project my husband and I completed this month. Flea Market Gardening challenged its fans this month to work on a gardening project that we might seen and wanted to make.

Oh I’d seen plenty of projects on FMG that I wanted to do, but decided on one of my favorites. Annie’s Bird House Ladder

Here’s a picture of Annie’s Bird House


The rules of the challenge:

#1 Choose any project you’ve wanted to do.
#2 Decide to do it now and post your intentions!
#3 Sometime THIS month, post a “how to” photo of the materials you’re using.
#4 Sometime THIS month, post a photo of your finished project!

So…here is a picture of our materials. You’ll see some old fence wood in the photo. That’s because Wendell and I will be making our own birdhouse.


Here’s a picture of Wendell’s birdhouse. The first birdhouse he’s ever built and I think he did really well!


Last but not least…the finished project! We really had a good time working on this together!


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2 Responses to January Project Challenge

  1. I’m ready to make something cute. I was just looking at all this fencing again wondering what in the world you think there is to do with it.

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