Do you believe in Fairies?

I do..I do..I do believe in fairies!

Just wanted to share some of the whimsical creations of Cynthia Hardwicke.

Here’s an excerpt from Cynthia’s Zibbet profile page:

MY SHOP INCLUDES UNIQUE HANDMADE GIFTS, of most of which are One of a Kind. OOAK Jewelry, Pottery, Ceramics, and Glass creatons are all here! Find fused glass Pendants and Earrings, Artbeads, Heart Necklaces and Jewelry beads created with fused and lampworked glass. Creations of Yard Art, Fairy Houses, Frog and Toad houses and Ceramic Fairy Stars dress up your yard or Fairy Garden. Look here for Home Decorating and Tableware: Stoneware dishes and bowls in the shape of leaves, fish, and a variety of animals. Find sculptural home decor, ocarinas, figurines, and serving dishes in the form of dog’s, cats, tigers, lions, elephants, dragons, horses, lizards, and the hippo. Choose from a variety of handmade ceramic Fairy Houses that are also Night Lights. My fused glass and pottery Stars are great as Wedding Decor, Sun Catchers, and Fairy Garden Decorations

I love the Fairies houses made by Cynthia and wanted to share a few. I hope you’ll drop by Cynthia’s Zibbet Shop and have a look at all her beautiful creations.

Woodland Fairy Incense Burner

Fairy House Decoration

Red Heart Pendant

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2 Responses to Do you believe in Fairies?

  1. Hi! I just accidentally found this while I was checking out your blog about Lynne.
    How Perfect! Thanks so much for the feature!

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