Some Crochet Cuteness!

This week I had the pleasure of visiting a Zibbet Shop that has some really cute crochet items and I’d like to share this shop with you. Rhonda is the Zibbet Shop owner of OnceUponARoll

Excerpt from Rhonda’s Zibbet profile:

I love doing crafty things and have done so throughout my life. I learned how to crochet when I was 16, and enjoy doing it every day. It is a peaceful, relaxing craft for me and I love doing it. I also like to sew and have just started a line of one of a kind purses.

I have a great husband and two daughters. One is married, the other in college. I work at a religious supply book store three days a week and the other days on my crochet and crafts.

You’ll find other items in Rhonda’s shop such as crochet afghans, hats, scarfs, baby sweaters, dishcloths, and OOAK machine sewn purses. I hope you’ll take a moment to stop by Rhonda’s shop OnceUponARoll

Hat, Crochet hat with flower, green, yellow, adult crochet hat, slouchy, beanie

Bags or purses, Purse or handbag, orange purse, floral purse, tote

Hat, Doggy Crochet Animal hat - Puppy Dog Hat, character hat, adult hat, child's hat

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