Do you have a passion for Vintage?

This week I’d like to introduce you to Linda Cardona shop owner of Hoopties. In Linda’s shop you can find everything from vintage housewares to vintage clothing.

An excerpt from a Zibbet Blog that featured Linda back in April 2014:

I’ve worked with vintage for 20 years and am inspired by a general love of history. My favorite items come with a story from the original owner. Next, are the ones that I know nothing about as they require me to research. More research means I veer off reading about related topics, people and places; that is when I have opportunity to learn more than what’s in text books or on historical markers. Reading about old family business names, old towns, crafters, and customs, right along with famous designers and the beginnings of large corporations, gives me a sense of how people became who they are and how various areas have been influenced.

I invite you to read more of Linda’s Story at, Linda’s Story

Take a moment and step back in time while you browse Linda’s Zibbet Shop Hoopties!

Red Coral Gown Small Vintage Lingerie by ShadowLine

Boudoir Lamp Vintage Green Globe 1950

Vintage Earrings Large Faceted Teardrop Crystal

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