Not just a Card, but a keepsake

Not just a card, but a keepsake..This is so true of Bethies Cards

Beth has a wonderfully unique collection of handmade cards for all occasions. Anyone receiving one of her cards will treasure it always.

A few excerpts from Beth’s Zibbet profile:

“My name is Beth, the creative owner of Bethies Cards. I first began with “crafts” when I was a young girl, making place cards for dinners with my family. Over the years, I branched into sewing thanks to belonging to 4-H. I opened up my card making business two years ago. I began with the basics and my kitchen table was my “shop”. Since my last move, my “shop” is now in the guest room of my residence.

Making cards is not only a fun and enjoyable thing for me to do, but it lets my mind wander into that creative space to see what I can create that my customers hopefully will enjoy.

I make cards for many different occasions but I specialize in cards for children.”

If you’d like to read more of Beth’s Zibbet profile you can find it here.

Animal Sets

Birthday Card Sets

Card Sets

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