Crochet and Knit for Good Health

Who knew? I did! Since I do both, knitting and crochet, I can tell you from experience how relaxing both are. I’m a somewhat anxious person, not in a anxiety kind of way, but more just antsy. Feeling like I need to do something all the time, I believe that’s why I’m a nail biter. Yes I know, nail biting is a nasty habit.

It has been said that rhythmic repetitive acts help prevent and manage stress, pain and depression. Sounds good huh? They should throw in, helps prevent nail biting, too!

I consider myself a beginner, even tho I’ve been stitching for years. I’ve always stuck to the basics, so when I come across someone with real stitching skill, it’s something I admire. Terri of Custom Crochet is definitely one with true skill! Terri has mastered her skill and it shows in her creations.

An excerpt from Terri’s Zibbet Profile:

“When I was a teenager my grandmother taught me to crochet granny squares, it was then I developed a love for yarn and varying colors. My grandmother taught me the basics and the rest has been self taught with the help of some very good books and online videos and patterns.

After being a bit busy from having four kids in five years, there was a long pause in crocheting. I am now back at it and love the challenge of making something new.”

You can read more about Terri from her Meet the Seller page on Zibbet. I understand stitching may not be for everyone, so maybe Terri can do something custom just for you. Drop by her Zibbet Shop to see the talent in her crochet.

Crocheted Coaster and Bowl Set

Hairband, Earwarmer in Purple and Gold

Ombre Greens Custom Crochet Soap Dish, Soap Mat Set

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5 Responses to Crochet and Knit for Good Health

  1. Thank you so much, this is beautifully written too!

  2. Beautiful pictures. They really show her skill!

  3. Cat says:

    Beautiful items and a great post!

  4. Great article for a talented crocheter!

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