Breath of the Dragon

Connie aka Sunfire of Breath of the Dragon is my blog feature today. Sunfire’s creative outlet is wood burning and when you look through her shop, you’ll see that she’s truly talented with her craft. When you think wood burning, Sunfire’s designs aren’t what you’d call traditional. I love the themes she has chosen for her artwork, such as, Celtic knot work, tribal designs and Kanji symbols, words, dragons, and celestial patterns.

A bit more about Sunfire from and excerpt from her Zibbet profile: “I started wood burning in 2006, but it was on and (mostly) off until late 2008, so some of what I do is still practice and experimenting for me. But I do love to work with solid symbols and/or black and white designs! Projects I can complete in a few hours are the best, and I am glad my key chains, magnets, and cell phone charms have been warmly accepted by my shoppers. While I don’t foresee doing portraits any time soon, I still enjoy making art you’d be proud to display on your walls. Whether a sign with your child’s name, a favorite quote with embellishments, simple images, or any other symbols (personal, religious, etc) are all something I would love to burn for you. Just ask!”

You can read more about Sunfire on Zibbet Meet the Seller. Sunfire has also been a Featured Zibbeter and you can find that article here.

Dream Cherish Live

Celtic Wooden Coaster Set


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