Beads Aplenty!

I started making Wind Chimes this year and I love it. I love all the color combination of beads and I’ve have become quite the bead collector. They are literally spilling out everywhere, and you know what, I need more! 

Last night I was sitting on the couch, stringing some beads for a wind chime, surrounded by beads and declared, “I need more beads!” My husband looked at me like I was crazy. LOL. 

This is just me, starting out and already having a huge selection of beads, I can’t imagine how it must be for someone that makes jewelry. When I saw Karen’s jewelry, first thing I thought was, “I wonder what her bead collection looks like?” Karen of Opus Howl, is a jewelry artist and I love the way she uses natural stone in her creations.

An excerpt from Karen’s profile: “Living in Arizona has given me an appreciation and access to natural elements. I’ve collected many stones, beads, pearls, metals, lampwork over the years (Tucson gem show is a dream come true) and now have the time to create with them. I love a variety of materials, techniques and styles, so you never know what new piece I’ll be adding.”

I love the earthy feel of Karen’s jewelry, and I think you will too. Opus Howl on Zibbet

Ocean Jasper Long Dangle earrings

Ocean Jasper Long Dangle earrings

Dalmation Jasper stretch bracelet

Dalmation Jasper stretch bracelet

Jasper Amazonite Pearl bracelet

Jasper Amazonite Pearl bracelet

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