Taking Photography to Another Level

You know, I’ve never really stopped to think about where the images, that are printed on items, are coming from until I visited Janet’s Zibbet shop JDLord. Silly I know, I guess I’ve always just taken those images for granted, never really giving it too much thought as to where they came from. Most times I think I just see them as massed produced images, but regardless, they had to be taken by someone, and they really should be appreciated. Having now realized this, (yes, I know I’m a little slow) I’ll be sure to give the photographer some credit and consideration, for a beautiful photo that catches my eye, even if it’s printed on a toaster cozy! 🙂

Janet has really found a way to display her photography in a unique way, and I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do.

An excerpt from Janet’s Zibbet profile: “I have enjoyed taking pictures since I was young. My first camera was a small rectangular Kodak camera. After that I had a polaroid camera. In high school I moved up to a Pentax K 35 mm camera. In college I was on the yearbook staff. Now I enjoy designing things with my photos, like my umbrella designs.”

I hope you’ll take a moment to stop by JDLord and see some of the cool ways she’s using her photography.

Umbrella Custom Designed Featuring My Photo of a Lighthouse

Umbrella Custom Designed Featuring My Photo of a Lighthouse


Pillow Case with My Photo of a White Hydrangea

Pillow Case with My Photo of a White Hydrangea


Tote Bag Tropical Look

Tote Bag Tropical Look



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3 Responses to Taking Photography to Another Level

  1. Yes…She certainly has beautiful images!

  2. Janet does have some beautiful images, for sure! I’m rather jealous of photographers, honestly. They see beauty, and capture it, in places I would never think to even look! I’m always amazed by different photographers that I manage to stumble upon. They are a unique breed of creative!

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