Dancing Rainbows

Who doesn’t love looking at rainbows whether you see them in the sky after a storm or light through a crystal casting tiny rainbows on a wall. I remember back in Elementary School, my teacher had a glass triangular light spectrum prism sitting in our classroom window. It was always casting spots of color somewhere in the room. Whenever I had a free moment, I had that prism in my hands, my eyes trying to catch all the colors as I moved the prism around.

My fascination with those rainbow casting light prisms followed me into adulthood. I have always had crystals in my home windows and I also have them in my car on my rearview mirror. I use crystals in the sun catcher wind chimes that I make as well. I’m always trying to make a rainbow!

One of our Zibbet promotions this week is for Adrienne of Dancing Rainbows. It’s no surprise that Adrienne’s shop became an instant favorite for me! Adrienne uses crystals to make her sparkling Dancing Rainbow Sun catchers. Adrienne also creates beautiful jewelry and her love of color is apparent in all things she creates.

An excerpt from Adrienne’s Zibbet profile: “I was raised in the Military and lived in several countries and several states. I’ve loved experiencing all the “sights and sounds” of every place I have lived and visited. I feel this appreciation of other cultures has contributed to my love of art, color and music. I’ve always been fascinated by the Ribbons of Rainbows that dance around a room when the sun catches a crystal. I use primarily Swarovski and Swarovski Strass crystals. Opening my shop, has given me the opportunity to share, with you, the pleasure I get from my Dancing Rainbows.”

If your looking to catch a rainbow I invite you to visit Dancing Rainbows.

Sun Catcher - September Birthstone Angel

Sun Catcher – September Birthstone Angel


Luna Moth Necklace

Luna Moth Necklace


Earrings “Crazy for Copper”

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5 Responses to Dancing Rainbows

  1. Frauke Avent says:

    I have some of her “rainbows” too, and I am hoping to get some more. I love the sparkles all over my house. Didn’t think about hanging it in my car yet.

  2. Always enjoy your blog – and Dancing Rainbows is a beautiful shop!

  3. The pictures are so cool.

    And I love the name of her shop!

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