Prayer Meditation Beads

Our second Zibbet promotion this week is for Melanie of Mels Bells Jewelry. I was browsing Melanie’s shop this morning to get an idea of what I’d like to blog about. One of the first things I notice in her shop were the Prayer/Meditation Beads.

I’m not Catholic but I’ve always been drawn to Rosary Beads. There is something tranquil about them. Prayer beads are to help people keep track of repetitive devotions. I’ve also read that some people use them simply to keep the fingers occupied during times of stress. Like worry beads.

I work with beads and I like how they feel in my hands, so I can see how they would help with stress. The feel of beads just seem to have a soothing effect. I have wind chimes hanging in my booth, at craft fairs, and I’ve noticed that people are drawn to them. I’ve seen people walking as if their on a mission, and *BAM*, stop dead in their tracks, as soon as those beaded strings catch their eyes. They have to touch them. You can see their need to touch those beads, on their face. It’s kind of funny to watch.

The feel of beads hold their own special power, and I think it’s because they fill a sensory need. As I mentioned before I’m an anxious person, I really think I would greatly benefit from having some meditation beads. How about you? 🙂 This brings me back to Mels Bells Jewelry, Melanie has a beautiful collection of handmade Christian Prayer Beads as well other jewelry.

Here’s and excerpt from Melanie’s Zibbet Profile: “I’m a pretty crafty individual… In multiple senses of the word! Really though, I enjoy beading, writing, some painting of knick-knacks, sewing (not very good), crocheting and knitting (again not very good), and most of all – music!

My college education was in vocal music, which didn’t help me at all in the job field, but I enjoyed it immensely. And hey, if you’re going to rack up five figures of school loans, shouldn’t it at least be learning something you love?

Thanks to my DIY gift tendencies, several years ago I ended up with a significant collection of beads – gathering dust. One day I saw a beautiful necklace online and a light popped on – “I could make that!” It’s been all downhill from there, as a hobby has become a business, some days an obsession, and always a joy.”

There is more to Melanie’s story and I really hope you might take a moment to read it. You can find it on the Meet The Seller page. Also while your there please take a moment to browse Mels Bells Jewelry.

Bride's wedding rosary sterling silver and Swarovski pearls

Bride’s wedding rosary sterling silver and Swarovski pearls

Amber Aquamarine and Pearl Bracelet

Cell phone charm with silver owl

Cell phone charm with silver owl

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One Response to Prayer Meditation Beads

  1. Mary Rawson says:

    Love the blog great info on meld shop. I’m sure it will bring her lots of sales

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