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Why Crochet or Knit?

I was asking myself this question as I was preparing to write this blog for Lynette. Lynette is our 2nd member to be promoted this week and her chosen craft is crochet. Lately my blog focus has been to give a little … Continue reading

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Polymer Clay in the Hands of an Artist

I don’t know much about polymer clay, but I know it’s used for making jewelry as well as other things. I’ve seen beautiful jewelry made from polymer clay so I’m curious about what it is and went in search of information about this way of … Continue reading

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The Art of Paper Dolls

This week our Zibbet promotional team is promoting Haruna Marie. Haruna Marie is a husband and wife team that enjoys creating their unique art project pieces together. On their creative list of  art projects you’ll find origami. Seeing the origami cranes featured in their … Continue reading

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The Zibbet Dingbat Frenzy, Fun, And Friends

Originally posted on OnceUponARoll:
For all the people that are part of the Zibbet Dingbat Club, you understand exactly what the title means.  This group of wonderful people (we call ourselves dingbats) have come together with one similar goal.  To…

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