The Zibbet Dingbat Frenzy, Fun, And Friends

I couldn’t have said it better!



For all the people that are part of the Zibbet Dingbat Club, you understand exactly what the title means.  This group of wonderful people (we call ourselves dingbats) have come together with one similar goal.  To make our Zibbet shops successful.

As I mentioned in previous blogs, Zibbet is a small venue which needs lots of exposure.  Because of this, a simple idea came about. Call together a group of individuals who would be willing to give their own time to promote for someone else.  Many people will say, I don’t have the time to promote for my own shop – what benefit is there is promoting someone else?


Well, believe me, there is!  By combining the efforts to advertise for someone else brings exposure not only to them, but to your own shop.  Those of us who have been participating in these flash attacks have the proof by stat…

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