The Zibbet Dingbat Frenzy, Fun, And Friends

I couldn’t have said it better!



For all the people that are part of the Zibbet Dingbat Club, you understand exactly what the title means.  This group of wonderful people (we call ourselves dingbats) have come together with one similar goal.  To make our Zibbet shops successful.

As I mentioned in previous blogs, Zibbet is a small venue which needs lots of exposure.  Because of this, a simple idea came about. Call together a group of individuals who would be willing to give their own time to promote for someone else.  Many people will say, I don’t have the time to promote for my own shop – what benefit is there is promoting someone else?


Well, believe me, there is!  By combining the efforts to advertise for someone else brings exposure not only to them, but to your own shop.  Those of us who have been participating in these flash attacks have the proof by stat…

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Micro Macrame

My mother insisted I take a macramé class when I was a teen. I was resistant to take the class, not because I didn’t want to learn macramé, but I am what I call, socially challenged, so being around people I didn’t know, was never fun. The class turned out to be a good time, and I really enjoyed macramé. Moms do know best. 🙂

This was back in the 70’s so I made the usual stuff like wall hangings, the owl, (which you saw everywhere back then) and plant hangers. To give you an idea of macramé back then, do a Google search of 70s macramé, and you’ll see some cool macramé!

I didn’t stick with it because back then money was an issue and macramé was more of a luxury hobby and we just couldn’t afford the extra expense of cording. I wish I had known that macramé could be done on a smaller scale, (like jewelry) I’d probably still be doing it today.

Macramé has changed a lot since the days of big and clunky knots to small and intricate pieces of fine jewelry. Frauke of Handmade Fuzzy has become quite the expert at micro macramé and creates beautiful unique pieces of jewelry. Here’s and excerpt from Fauke’s Zibbet profile:

Hi, my name is Frauke. Don’t worry if you can’t pronounce it, I know it’s hard and believe me I heard all kinds of variations of my name 😉
I am a German feeling at home in the US, to be exact, the East Coast in the pretty State South Carolina. To fight the homesickness that sometimes sneaks up on me, specially around Christmas time, I use my crafts as an outlet.
I grew up in Australia and Papua New Guinea as well as in Germany.
In Germany I worked for over 15 years as a Social pedagogy in Day cares, Kindergarten and Foster and Handicap homes. I enjoyed my work with the kids and love that I can reconnect over the internet with the now grown “kids”. Now I get to enjoy my own kids at home.

I knit, crochet and sew. I have picked up micro macrame a little while ago and enjoy creating with the cords and beads. I do tend to stick more to the knitting in the Winter time though.

As mentioned in Frauke’s profile, she also knits, crochets and sews so you’ll find a good variety of yarn works in her Zibbet shop Handmade Fuzzy. Visit Handmade Fuzzy and see what today’s macramé is about.

micro macrame bracelet

Turtle, macrame necklace

jasper hat

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Pressed Flowers and Postage Stamps

One of the Zibbet shops we’re promoting this week is Flowersbyljp. Laurie is the designer of the unique pieces you’ll see in this shop. Pressed flower jewelry caught my eye first while browsing Flowersbyljp.

As a gardener and nature lover, I’ve been known to pick a flower and throw it in a book to press it, wanting to preserve it. I’ve also been known to forget about these flowers and have a very happy surprise when I come across one, that I’d forgotten! I love that Laurie takes pressed flowers and preserves them in jewelry. These are unique and completely one of a kind pieces and great for garden and outdoor enthusiasts.

The second thing that caught my eye, in Laurie’s Shop, are the Vintage Postage Stamp Magnets. The stamps sent me down memory lane, reminiscing about my grandfather. He was a stamp collector and I use to sit with him for hours helping him catalog his stamps. He collected mint stamps and postally used stamps. It was the postally used stamps that I loved. It was so cool seeing the postmarks of where those stamps came from and my grandfather had stamps postmarked from around the world. There’s something romantic about postmarked stamps. Laurie has a collection of vintage stamps that she has preserved by decoupaging them and making them into magnets. Another great idea and would make awesome gifts for a stamp collector!

Along with the pressed flower jewelry and vintage stamp magnets, Laurie has a handcrafted collection of beaded jewelry, beaded bobby hair pins, eyeglass holders, and ID lanyards. I hope you’ll take a minute to visit Flowersbyljp!

Earrings, Real Pressed Flowers, Pink Flowers White Shell, Short Dangle

Earrings, Real Pressed Flowers, Pink Flowers White Shell, Short Dangle

Pendant Necklace, Real Pressed Flowers, Golden Viola, Dark Blue Lobelia, on White Shell, Black Leather Cord

Pendant Necklace, Real Pressed Flowers, Golden Viola, Dark Blue Lobelia, on White Shell, Black Leather Cord

Vintage Postage Stamp Magnets, Thomas Jefferson and Monticello

Vintage Postage Stamp Magnets, Thomas Jefferson and Monticello

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Doilies have a job to do

While browsing Mary Alice’s Zibbet shop, OKB this morning, I noticed her beautiful crocheted doilies. Instantly it brought back memories of my Great Grandmother. I’m the proud owner of several of my Great Grandmother’s hand crochet doilies and I keep them safely tucked away in a keepsake box. I’d love to display them but they have become fragile from age and it’s important to me to keep them safe, so that they can be passed down to the next generation.

I researched the history of doilies and there seems to be some conflicting opinions as to how far they date back and who may have invented them. Doilies did serve a purpose other than just being something pretty for a flower vase to sit on. It’s hard to believe but it seems that, these delicately woven lace like creations were designed to have several functions through out history. Here are a few ways Doilies have been used:

*To protect furniture fabric from hair oils.

*To protect fine wood furniture from dishware scratches.

*They have been used as lap drapes to protect clothing from spills while eating as well as being used as napkins.

*Doilies are used to bind the stems in flower arrangements. (tussie-mussies)

*They have been used as hair nets and as decorative hair accessories.

Whatever their original function, to me doilies are works of art and Mary Alice has mastered the art of crocheting doilies. Not just doilies tho, it’s clear from visiting Mary Alice’s Zibbet shop, OKB that she has mastered crocheting in all ways. 🙂 Here’s an excerpt from Mary Alice’s Zibbet profile:

I love crocheting, especially baby items. Baby dresses are one of my many favorite items, so you will most likely be seeing alot of those in my shop.

I have been crocheting for over 40 years. Next year I retire and will be able to devote even more time to my passion. YEAH!!!

Looking in my shop you will find a number of different items. This is because I love variety and will crochet whatever catches my eye at that moment.

I crochet with thread as well. I enjoy making doilies, table runners, filet crochet just to name a few items.

I know my blog focus has been on doilies, but I hope you’ll stop by OKB and browse the various selections of Mary Alice’s hand crocheted items.

Multi color Doilies

Multi color Doilies

Lacy Crochet Baby Dress Pink and White

Lacy Crochet Baby Dress Pink and White

Crochet Patch Work Baby Blanket

Crochet Patch Work Baby Blanket

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Dreamcatchers and Gods Eyes

I love the look of Dream Catchers and I knew the basics behind what they mean, but till this blog posting, I’d never really read about them. Dream Catchers have very interesting Native American lore. Here’s an excerpt from

Native Americans believe that the night air is filled with dreams both good and bad. The dream catcher when hung over or near your bed swinging freely in the air, catches the dreams as they flow by. The good dreams know how to pass through the dream catcher, slipping through the outer holes and slide down the soft feathers so gently that many times the sleeper does not know that he/she is dreaming. The bad dreams not knowing the way get tangled in the dream catcher and perish with the first light of the new day.

Isn’t that cool. 🙂

Next we have God’s Eye, which I’m embarrassed to say, I knew nothing about till today. Here’s and excerpt from’s_eye.

The Ojo de Dios or God’s eye is a ritual tool, magical object, and cultural symbol evoking the weaving motif and its spiritual associations for the Huichol peoples of western Mexico. The God’s Eye is symbolic of the power of seeing and understanding that which is unknown and unknowable, The Mystery. The four points represent the elemental processes: earth. fire, air, and water. The Huichol call their God’s eyes Sikuli, which means “the power to see and understand things unknown.” When a child is born, the central eye is woven by the father, then one eye is added for every year of the child’s life until the child reaches the age of five.

Truly interesting to read about. There is a lot more to the God’s Eye lore then the snip I posted, so if your interested you can read more about it in the link I posted above.

Chani, Zibbet shop owner of Crowsdance Designs, has a very unique collection of both Dream Catchers and God’s Eye.  An excerpt from Chani’s Zibbet profile:

Creating art is like breathing. I could stop, but why would I ever want to?

Art and craft are my true passion. I have been drawing, sculpting, crafting, or otherwise creating for as long as I can remember. Even when I find myself with some time to relax, before I realize it, I am planning the next project.

I have found I truly love designing and creating jewelry and find myself devoting much of my time is learning all that I can. There is always more to learn, new techniques to try and my personal designs to perfect.

Crowsdance Designs also has as a variety of beaded jewelry, wire wrapped jewelry, painted wood jewelry, and art prints.

Shooting star dreamcatcher yellow and red beaded

Shooting star dreamcatcher yellow and red beaded

Gods eye Ojo de Dios pink brown ivory and cream color

Gods eye Ojo de Dios pink brown ivory and cream color

Dreamcatcher beaded in orange and dark green

Dreamcatcher beaded in orange and dark green

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Prayer Meditation Beads

Our second Zibbet promotion this week is for Melanie of Mels Bells Jewelry. I was browsing Melanie’s shop this morning to get an idea of what I’d like to blog about. One of the first things I notice in her shop were the Prayer/Meditation Beads.

I’m not Catholic but I’ve always been drawn to Rosary Beads. There is something tranquil about them. Prayer beads are to help people keep track of repetitive devotions. I’ve also read that some people use them simply to keep the fingers occupied during times of stress. Like worry beads.

I work with beads and I like how they feel in my hands, so I can see how they would help with stress. The feel of beads just seem to have a soothing effect. I have wind chimes hanging in my booth, at craft fairs, and I’ve noticed that people are drawn to them. I’ve seen people walking as if their on a mission, and *BAM*, stop dead in their tracks, as soon as those beaded strings catch their eyes. They have to touch them. You can see their need to touch those beads, on their face. It’s kind of funny to watch.

The feel of beads hold their own special power, and I think it’s because they fill a sensory need. As I mentioned before I’m an anxious person, I really think I would greatly benefit from having some meditation beads. How about you? 🙂 This brings me back to Mels Bells Jewelry, Melanie has a beautiful collection of handmade Christian Prayer Beads as well other jewelry.

Here’s and excerpt from Melanie’s Zibbet Profile: “I’m a pretty crafty individual… In multiple senses of the word! Really though, I enjoy beading, writing, some painting of knick-knacks, sewing (not very good), crocheting and knitting (again not very good), and most of all – music!

My college education was in vocal music, which didn’t help me at all in the job field, but I enjoyed it immensely. And hey, if you’re going to rack up five figures of school loans, shouldn’t it at least be learning something you love?

Thanks to my DIY gift tendencies, several years ago I ended up with a significant collection of beads – gathering dust. One day I saw a beautiful necklace online and a light popped on – “I could make that!” It’s been all downhill from there, as a hobby has become a business, some days an obsession, and always a joy.”

There is more to Melanie’s story and I really hope you might take a moment to read it. You can find it on the Meet The Seller page. Also while your there please take a moment to browse Mels Bells Jewelry.

Bride's wedding rosary sterling silver and Swarovski pearls

Bride’s wedding rosary sterling silver and Swarovski pearls

Amber Aquamarine and Pearl Bracelet

Cell phone charm with silver owl

Cell phone charm with silver owl

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What is Steampunk?

Steampunk defined by Urban dictionary: “Steampunk is a subgenre of speculative fiction, usually set in an anachronistic Victorian or quasi-Victorian alternate history setting. It could be described by the slogan “What the past would look like if the future had happened sooner.” It includes fiction with science fiction, fantasy or horror themes.”

There are a few different types of Steampunk which are:

Medieval Steampunk: Speculative fiction set during the Middle Ages.

Victorian Steampunk: A modern Science Fiction work (post-1930s) that is set in the early parts of the industrial revolution.

Western Steampunk: Science fiction set in the American Old West.

Industrial/Modern Steampunk: Science fiction taking place in the late industrial age, early modern age; i.e. World War 1, World War 2.

I’m a fan of fantasy so I like the unique style of Steampunk and I love Steampunk inspired jewelry. I have a friend that makes Steampunk jewelry and it’s always cool to see how she pulls the two era’s together in her jewelry creations. Recently, through our Zibbet promotional group, I was introduced to Lynn of TheAmethystDragonfly, who also makes Steampunk inspired jewelry and love her creations too!

Here’s and excerpt from Lynn’s Zibbet profile:

“My art is born of many loves. I am very frugal and have always had a knack and a passion for finding new ways to use old items, for creating something new and better out of the old and forgotten. My work and personal growth is always in progress and I love that moment when I have a great idea and put it into play.
One of my favorite mediums is copper. It is such a versatile medium and so many different things can happen from the same starting point. I love the sensuousness of the Victorian and steampunk styles, using layers and colors and unusual materials to get one of a kind pieces.”

You can read more of Lynn’s story on her Meet the Seller page. Here’s a few pictures of my favorites by Lynn, I hope you’ll take a moment to visit TheAmethystDragonfly!

Steampunk watch movement choker necklace with blue gem

Steampunk watch movement choker necklace with blue gem

Butterfly filigree necklace with agate stone, glass beads, and copper chain

Butterfly filigree necklace with agate stone, glass beads, and copper chain

Victorian illustration Dragonfly leaf pendant

Victorian illustration Dragonfly leaf pendant


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To Paint or Not to Paint

My choice, Not to Paint! They say the cheapest way to update a room is by painting, but what if you really dislike painting!? Oh and I really dislike painting. My husband is the same way, so if there is another way possible to revitalize the look of a room besides painting, I’m all for it.

Looking for a quick and easy way to update to a room? How about decorative pillows?! I know what your thinking, “but the pillows I have, are in perfect condition, it’s a shame to throw them out!” Well you don’t have too, all you need to do is drop by Arlyn’s Creations and pick out a pillow slipcover!

Personally I think pillow slipcovers are genius! A lot of times my throw pillows get used as a table as I sit on the couch, with dinner. Hey now, don’t be judging me! 😛 So yes, my pillows are subject to spills. Slipcovers also make for easy cleaning!

So if your looking for a quick room makeover or a way to freshen up your old accent pillows, give Arlyn’s slipcovers some consideration. She has a wide range of chic colors and patterns that would be the perfect complement for any room!


PEACOCK FEATHER  Decorative Throw Pillow Covers

PEACOCK FEATHER Decorative Throw Pillow Covers

Decorative Pillow Cover, Dashka Azure

Decorative Pillow Cover, Dashka Azure

Decorative Pillow Cover, Navy & White

Decorative Pillow Cover, Navy & White





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Dancing Rainbows

Who doesn’t love looking at rainbows whether you see them in the sky after a storm or light through a crystal casting tiny rainbows on a wall. I remember back in Elementary School, my teacher had a glass triangular light spectrum prism sitting in our classroom window. It was always casting spots of color somewhere in the room. Whenever I had a free moment, I had that prism in my hands, my eyes trying to catch all the colors as I moved the prism around.

My fascination with those rainbow casting light prisms followed me into adulthood. I have always had crystals in my home windows and I also have them in my car on my rearview mirror. I use crystals in the sun catcher wind chimes that I make as well. I’m always trying to make a rainbow!

One of our Zibbet promotions this week is for Adrienne of Dancing Rainbows. It’s no surprise that Adrienne’s shop became an instant favorite for me! Adrienne uses crystals to make her sparkling Dancing Rainbow Sun catchers. Adrienne also creates beautiful jewelry and her love of color is apparent in all things she creates.

An excerpt from Adrienne’s Zibbet profile: “I was raised in the Military and lived in several countries and several states. I’ve loved experiencing all the “sights and sounds” of every place I have lived and visited. I feel this appreciation of other cultures has contributed to my love of art, color and music. I’ve always been fascinated by the Ribbons of Rainbows that dance around a room when the sun catches a crystal. I use primarily Swarovski and Swarovski Strass crystals. Opening my shop, has given me the opportunity to share, with you, the pleasure I get from my Dancing Rainbows.”

If your looking to catch a rainbow I invite you to visit Dancing Rainbows.

Sun Catcher - September Birthstone Angel

Sun Catcher – September Birthstone Angel


Luna Moth Necklace

Luna Moth Necklace


Earrings “Crazy for Copper”

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All About the Buttons

In a bit of a rush this morning but I wanted to make sure to introduce our 2nd Zibbet shop owner for the week, Barbara of AllAboutTheButtons.

“Tape measures, scarves, cowls, gloves, clocks and more mostly embellished with buttons!” Quoted right from the front page of Barbara’s shop and I couldn’t have said it better. 🙂

Barbara has come up with some very creative ways to embellish items, and they would make awesome all occasion gifts. I’m a bit of a button collector myself, so I’m lovin her button theme!

An excerpt from Barbara’s Zibbet profile: “Creating is in my blood. My Father was a designer & my Mom was a talented needle artist. Since I was a child, I have always been busy with various forms of fiber work including knitting, crochet, needlepoint, embroidery and weaving. Alongside of those interests was that famous old cookie tin of buttons that I loved to play with. During my fulfilling career in education I created and sold to colleagues and some local stores. The ease of online selling became a reality for me in 2005. I now devote myself fulltime to combining fibers and buttons but I also love and make tape measures, clocks, magnets and bookmarks. There’s barely a craft I haven’t tried! Please don’t ask me to paint…that’s another story! “

Barbara has a great shop…and you could say her items are “as cute as a button!” Popover and have a look for yourself! AllAboutTheButtons


Double Tape Measure Fabric Tape Measure

Double Tape Measure Fabric Tape Measure

Buttons Upcycled Frame Pin Cushion

Buttons Upcycled Frame Pin Cushion

Autumn Leaf Clock

Autumn Leaf Clock







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