Recycled By Skattur

Crafting is good for the soul, and can be a good business too!

I’ve always loved doing crafts, but I never really thought about selling them. I have my sister to thank for that idea.

My sister wanted to start a crafting group, so we did. We call ourselves, Society of Knitters and Nutters. Then she decided we needed to sell all these wonderful handmade items we’d crafted. (our website: So…I created a website for our group and we started doing local craft fairs.

It was our first craft fair that lead me to start selling on Etsy. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the fair we were doing, was with a local Etsy Team.

My first craft fair went well and my handcrafted items were selling. I was so excited that other people liked my crafted items, and it inspired me to continue.

My Garden Art Sculptures – My Garden art started because, I really enjoyed making garden art sculptures for my own garden. It’s a craft/hobby that I’ve found myself getting totally obsessed with. Who knew stacking ceramic and glass pieces could be so addictive!

My knitted scarves – I love to knit. There is something very relaxing about it. My knitting focus has been mainly scarves. I love mixing and matching the colors and textures of yarns. It’s always rewarding to see the finished product.

Crafting is a joy for me…seeing how much others like what I craft is just as much a joy, and it all leaves me feeling very blessed.


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